Tutorial How to mod split APKs (App bundles)


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Jun 27, 2017
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Modding split is not hard as you think. Only difference is you need to sign them all and install with Split APKs Installer app

Before you start modding split apk:
Check if APK still support 4.4 and below which provides single APK using Apkcombo Force download ARMv7 APK on APKCombo - platinmods.com - Android MODs | iOS MODs | Tutorials & More!
If apk is not outdated and still provide single APK, mod single APK instead to save your time a little bit

Important: Always focus on ARMv7 libs and optionaly ARM64. ARMv7 libs works on ARM64, x86, x86_64 while ARM64 libs works on x86_64. Don't waste time mod x86 libs if ARM libs work on x86 devices/emulators

Backup split APK from your ARMv7 device: How to backup/export split APK (App bundles) (NO root & root) - platinmods.com - Android MODs | iOS MODs | Tutorials & More!

Or download split APK from Apkcombo. APK Downloader - Download APK from Google Play Store™ (Online)
Select Architecture to make split APK links appear under Download

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If you have .apks file extension which contains split apks, extract them all using Winrar or 7-zip

Mod it as you normally do, Inject toast in base.apk using Auto Toaster and replace/add lib in split_config.(Architecture).apk whatever...

To keep it unsigned, simply don't sign and zip them all into .zip file using Winrar or 7-zip

To sign apks, you must sign ALL split apks no matter if it's modded or not. All must be signed because all apk must have same signature. Split apk with different signature and another split apk with different signature is a no no. You will get an error that signature is invalid
You can use APK Easy tool to drop apks on "Sign APK" button to mass signing

Zip all signed apks into .zip file. Filename doesn't matter as long as correct split APKs are included

Rename to .apks if you want, SAI app supports both .zip and .apks file extension

Do not forget to tell peoples to use Split APK Installer (SAI) app to install split APKS file: How to install/sideload split APKs/zipped .APKS file (NO root) - platinmods.com - Android MODs | iOS MODs | Tutorials & More!


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Mar 12, 2018
Haha now the others are maybe able to mod splitted APK's too :D
Thanks for the great Tutorial :D
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Sep 2, 2017
Its useful, but getting problem, thats crashing ingame after few seconds and i try add 1 more menu in 1 apk so that make apk mod crashing? Or its because other reason? Like delete android:allowNativeHeapPointerTagging="false" And <provider
android:authorities="com.facebook.katana.provider.PlatformProvider" />
android:authorities="com.facebook.orca.provider.PlatformProvider" />
Btw i moded codm with mod menu by other dev and i added bypass with new menu so i have 2 menu in 1 apk