1. U

    Shared MOD Funky Restaurant - Arcade Food Serving Manager v 1.0.13 (Mod Money/Unlocked)

    Playstore Link: Game Name: Funky Restaurant - Arcade Food Serving Manager Version: 1.0.13 Needs OBB: No Needs Root: No *MOD features* 1. Mod Money 2. Unlocked Credit to: ? Free Download: Hidden content...
  2. Se7een

    Open Request Rival gears

    Game Name: Rival Gears Game Version: 1.1.5 Google Play Store Link: APK Link: Rival Gears Racing para Android - APK Baixar Cheat Requested: cash and gems hack
  3. J

    Open Request Super Mario Run

    Game Name: Super Mario Run Game Version: 3.0.11 APK Link: Super Mario Run APK download | Cheat Requested: All Stage & All Character Unlocked Have you tried any cheat engines?: Tried Lucky Patcher No Luck
  4. peek-a-boo

    Outdated [Fair Mod] Flippy Knife 1.8.1

    Playstore Link: Flippy Knife – Android-Apps on Google Play Flippy Knife Version: 1.8.1 (09/03/2017) Need OBB: NO Need Root: NO *What's in the MOD* Unlocked all premium, gift and video rewarded knives Rewarded ads are instant Removed other advertisments Gold earned x2/x4 *How to install*...
  5. peek-a-boo

    Outdated [Fair Mod] Star Crew 0.8.7

    Playstore Link: Star Lord – Android-Apps on Google Play Star Lord (unreleased) Version: 0.8.7 (18/07/2017) Need OBB: NO Need Root: NO *About the MOD* Total Health x2; Earned Coins x5, from any source; Earned Gems x5, from any source; Unlimited Energy. *Notes* Coins and Gems are turned into x5...
  6. peek-a-boo

    Outdated [Fair Mod] Sweet Sins: Kawaii Run 1.4.7

    Playstore Link: Sweet Sins: Kawaii Run – Android-Apps on Google Play Sweet Sins: Kawaii Run Version: 1.4.7 (31/03/2017) Need OBB: NO Need Root: NO *What the MOD do* Characters are free Stars and Runes gained x3 (when saved to player's total count) Piñata always rewards a Miimo Piñata can give...
  7. peek-a-boo

    Outdated [Fair Mod] Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump 1.1.0

    Playstore Link: Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump – Android-Apps on Google Play Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump Version: 1.1.0 (10/11/2017) Need OBB: NO Need Root: NO *What's in the MOD* Life Points x2 Coins Value x3 *new* Chest Rate x5 Unlocked Premium Miimos Random Miimo Button unlocked, picking one without...

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