1. P

    Tutorial How to Decompile, Compile, and Sign APKs without APK Easy Tool

    Requirements: - ZipSigner: ZipSigner Direct Download -WinRar: WinRar 64bit WinRar 32bit -APK of desired game: Search and Download your APK from here Decompile: - Open APK with WinRar - Copy libil2cpp.so &...
  2. P

    Solved Offset is too small and can't find in HxD

    so I was searching for ammo and I came across this field which is interesting and I want to modify it but the offset is small and if I search in HxD its obviously goes to like the beginning of the hex or is invalid The field is called ammoInClip as seen in the picture and the offset is 0x2C...
  3. Zancokloe12

    Tool Net Reflector V

    Requirements Last updated 11 June 2018 Published 11 June 2018 Supported Platforms You can install .NET Reflector Desktop on the following Windows Operating Systems: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 You can install the .NET Reflector Visual Studio Extension in the following versions...
  4. Tigress


    I have the tools necessary to mod: * arm to hex converter * apk tool * net reflector * dnspy but the issue is how to go about it, i don't see indept information/explanation on how to go about modding. please i need help? anyone?

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