1. Qnzboi102

    iPMT [nonJB] [iOS 13 ✔] Cyber Dead Ver. 1.0.4 MOD IPA | Unlimited Bullets | Unlimited Rubies | Unlimited Coins

    iTunes Link: ‎Cyber Dead Game Name: Game Version: v 1.0.4 Bundle ID: com.anglesgames.cyberdead Needs Jailbreak: No! Platform: Apple 64 bit (old devices not working like iPhone 4) Supported iOS: 13 and less. Separate App-Icon: yes Supported Devices: - iPhone 5s or newer - iPod Touch 6G or...
  2. talhaexos

    Filled Request Critical ops v1.13.1 ios hack

    Game Name: Critical ops iTunes Appstore Link: ‎Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS Cheat Requested: busmanl30's same critical ops v1.11.6 hack but updated to 1.13.1 Have you tried any cheat engines?: Yes -> Which one? (Examples: Flex, Flex 2, Flex 3, Autotouch etc.) No -> Why? Beacuse flex 3 not...
  3. Qnzboi102

    iPMT [JB] [JB iOS 13 ✔] Granny Legend By Fastone Games Ver. 10.1.0 MOD MENU | Unlimited GEMS | Unlimited Energy | Hero's Unlocked

    iTunes Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/granny-legend/id1475340536?ign-mpt=uo=4 Game Name: Granny Legend Game Version: 10.1.0 Bundle ID: com.magicgrannyplay.spin Needs Jailbreak: Yes Platform: Apple 64 bit (old devices not working like iPhone 4) Supported iOS: 13 and less Supported...
  4. thorntos

    Open Request Foot Pool: World Championship (Early Access) v1.023 MOD APK

    Game Name: Foot Pool: World Championship (Early Access) Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whaleapp.footpool&hl=en APK Link: https://apkpure.com/foot-pool-world-championship/com.whaleapp.footpool Cheat Requested: -Free IAPs (In App Purchases)...
  5. busmanl30

    iPMT [JB] [JB iOS 13 ✔] Forward Assault Ver. 1.2013 MOD Menu | ESP Boxes | Aimbot | CHAMS | + 40 more Mods!

    iTunes Link: ‎Forward Assault Game Name: Forward Assault Game Version: v1.2013 Bundle ID: com.blayzegames.newfps Needs Jailbreak: Yes Platform: Apple 64 bit (old devices not working like iPhone 4) WORKs ON A12/A13 DEVICES NOW! Supported iOS: 13 and less Supported Devices: -Jailbroken iPhone...
  6. Excused

    Open Request Perfect World Mobile

    Game Name: Perfect World Mobile iTunes Appstore Link: Perfect World Mobile by Perfect World Games ‎Perfect World Mobile Cheat Requested: •Attack Speed •No skill CD •speed hack •god mode •OHK Have you tried any cheat engines?: NO this is more for someone who is experienced with IDA PRO I...
  7. J

    Open Request Era Origin

    Game Name: Era Origin Google Play Store Link: Era Origin - Apps on Google Play APK Link: Era Origin for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: 1 Hit Kill, God Mode, High Damage, VIP, Mod Menu Have you tried any cheat engines?: No -> Why? not smart
  8. ❛ꕔꕷꕷꕔꕷꕷꖔN'ꕷ⚔CԄΣΣD❜

    Open Request Extreme Football

    Game Name: Extreme Football Google Play Store Link: Extreme Football - Apps on Google Play APK Link: Extreme Football for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: Unlimited Golds, Unlimited Coins, God mode (if possible) Have you tried any cheat engines?: No -> Not available
  9. J

    Open Request Dungeon Rush: Rebirth

    Game Name: Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Google Play Store Link: Dungeon Rush: Rebirth - Apps on Google Play APK Link: Dungeon Rush for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: 1 Hit Kill, God Mode, High Damage, VIP, Mod Menu Have you tried any cheat engines?: No Why? I'm not smart
  10. Auftragzkiller

    Shared [Tested] Geometry Dash Mod Menu v2.111

    Playstore Link: Geometry Dash Game Info: Version: 2.111 Needs OBB: No Needs Root: No *MOD features* 1. Online Mod 2. Anti-Ban Mod 3. Mod Menu: 4. NoClip Hack 5. Everything unlocked 6. 20 Million Orbs each level 7. Instant complete Hack 8. Unlink Account (Data copied on guest) 9. Message...
  11. tezy1994

    Open Request Dragon Project

    Game Name: Dragon Project Google Play Store Link: Dragon Project – Apps on Google Play APK Link: Dragon Project for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: One Hit KO, God Mode, Anti-Ban Have you tried any cheat engines?: No -> Not sure which to use
  12. Marianitoeze

    Open Request Inuyasha: Naraku's War [犬夜叉-奈落之戰(正版授權)] es

    Game Name: Inuyasha: Naraku's War [犬夜叉-奈落之戰(正版授權)] Google Play Store Link: 犬夜叉-奈落之戰(決戰奈落城) - Google Play のアプリ APK Link: Inuyasha: Naraku's War (Android) Cheat Requested: Menu Mod One Hit Kill God Mode Free Shopping Unlimited Gold & Gem No Skill CD Damage Mutipiler Have you tried any cheat...
  13. Mr Ikso

    Tutorial MOD Menu for il2cpp and native Android Games

    Hello. I created a mod menu for il2cpp and decided to share it with everyone. I apologize for bad English Well, let's begin. Inexhaustible Instruments - pc - NDK - Android Studio 3.x - Apktool - Brains and knowledge of C ++, Java, Smali 1. Start Clone Floating ModMenu repository by link. Launch...
  14. W

    Open Request tacticool 5v5 1.2.5

    Game Name: tacticool 5v5 1.2.5 Google Play Store Link: Tacticool - 5v5 shooter - Apps on Google Play APK Link: Tacticool for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: currency hack, gold, money
  15. Silkou

    Open Request Idle Heroes Official Ver 1.21.3 - MOD APK - Damage | God Mod

    Game Name: Idle Heroes (Official) Game Version: 1.21.3 Game link Appstore: ‎Idle Heroes - Idle Games Cheat Requested: Unlimited Ads - In the game you can click on the link that is highlighted on the picture to watch ads and gain 20 gems. Right now you can only watch 5 times a day. Campaign...
  16. A

    Tutorial Snapchat Hack (IOS ONLY) - Upload from Camera Roll, Screenshot no detection etc! No Bans!

    VIDEO TUTORIAL Requirements: App admin UnlimApps Cydia Repository Filza Jailbreak To Install: 1.Sign into Snapchat you want to use 2. Press home > Open Apps Manager > Snapchat > Backup > wait for progress bar to disappear 3. Find snapchat and hold down and uninstall 4. Go to Appstore >...
  17. AmySilver

    Help! Allowed to release self-made proxy with Avabel hacks?

    Hey people. I've made a proxy for the game called Avabel, which I am fairly famous for creating the biggest and best hacks on. At the moment the proxy only has GodMode hack. I do plan to release more such as Damage, Classes, etc.. These will be added within a few days. All the users would have...
  18. BlueVegeta10

    Filled Request Dragon Ball Legends

    Game Name: Dragon Ball Legends Game Version: 1.25.0 iTunes Appstore Link: ‎DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Cheat Requested: Unlimited Chrono Crystal Unlimited Zeni Unlimited Souls Attack Multiplier (x1 ~ x1000) God Mode Unlimited Ki No Character Cooldown Instant Win (At any time during Battle click in...
  19. kp2016

    Modding Tools [IDE][] ADK - A Complete Android Editing Tool

    Introduction Android Development Kit (ADK) is alternatively best solution for android reverse engineering. This Application allows you to easily modify android apps, android ROMs, boot or recovery images very easily with easy-to-use environment on Windows(x86 or x64) platform. Users can easily...
  20. F

    Open Request Grand Chase (UPDATE 1.11.4 )

    Game Name: Grand Chase Game Version: 1.11.4 Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kog.grandchaseglobal APK Link: GrandChase para Android - APK Baixar Cheat Requested: Atack Multiplier: x1~x10(or more) No Damage (God Mode) No Skill Cooldown No Skill Costs...

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