1. S

    Tutorial Hacking a game with IDA & Strings

    This "tutorial" will require you to know how to load a binary into IDA & basic ARM modding. When hacking currency, I like to search for the keywords "spend, consume, award, reward" before "gold, coins, gem etc", since those have less hits & xrefs if they exist. So when I searched for...
  2. N

    Help! How to do return 100 in HXD

    Hi, I'm newbie in hex coding and il2cpp I'm modding a il2cpp game and I don't know how can I change the hex to do return 100; or ldc.i4 100 (.NET Reflector) I only know . NET Reflector, so please help me to do this I have IDA also but they said that IDA is more difficult to use than HXD And...
  3. Alex Zander

    Tutorial How To Hack Using IDA #2

    Requirements: - IDA Pro/Demo - Demo just works fine - Hex Editor - Arm Converter - The game you are hacking - The cracked binary of that game ( I am using Inotia 4 PLUS ) Instructions: 1. Open IDA and Copy the binary inside IDA 2. See the settings here: 3. After that the IDA will...