Tutorial How To Hack Using IDA #2

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Feb 9, 2018
Behind You.
- IDA Pro/Demo - Demo just works fine

- Hex Editor
- Arm Converter
- The game you are hacking
- The cracked binary of that game ( I am using Inotia 4 PLUS )

1. Open IDA and Copy the binary inside IDA
2. See the settings here:


3. After that the IDA will start loading and wait until it finishes loading fully
4. Now after everything is loaded, you can search for anything you like [Press Alt+T to search]
5. Since I have played the game for sometime, I have found something useful! SellPrice

6. So I searched up for the sellprice (Alt+T)
7. And there was function like that


8. I searched up for useful data to hack but I couldn't find any, So i searched up some tutorials and found that PUSH {R7, LR} is hackable

9. So you can change PUSH {R7, LR} to high number, so the sell price will be very high which you will get tons of money
10. Go to Hex-View A:


11. Now there is one option to make it million, change the 80 B5 to 38 1C [MOV R0, R7]
12. Now load up the binary in Hex Editor
13. In the last tutorial I have taught you how to find the right location in Hex Editor
14. After you have found the right location, change F0 B5 to 38 1C
15. Since you are hacking PUSH, you will need to end the function there (after 38 1C)
16. To end the function this is the code BX LR [HEX: 70 47]
17. So it should look something like this:


18. Now save your binary and go to the game to test your hack
19. Enjoy!

Credits:- ZahirSher
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