1. O

    Open Request Modded Apk for League of Berserk

    Game Name: League of Berserk Game Version: 2.208 Google Play Store Link: League of Berserk – Apps bei Google Play APK Link: League of Berserk für Android - APK herunterladen Cheat Requested: One or multiple of the following options would be awesome: Currency: - Diamonds (Real Money...
  2. Thomas Davis

    Open Request Crazy Gods: Strategy RPG

    Game Name: Crazy Gods: Strategy RPG Game Version: 5.0.1 Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maingames.android.CGEN APK Link: Crazy Gods for Android - APK Download As one of the Top players of Summoners War with over 4 years of play time. I thought it...
  3. illumia

    Open Request Lords Mobile: War Kingdom - Strategy RPG Battle V1.90 MOD APK

    Game Name: Lords Mobile: War Kingdom - Strategy RPG Battle Game Version: 1.91 Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igg.android.lordsmobile APK Link: Lords Mobile for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: Unlimited Gems Unlimited Resources Have you...
  4. U

    Outdated League of Stickman - Arena PVP 2018 [MODDED SAVEGAME]

    Playstore Link: com.dreamsky.DiabloLOL Name: League of Stickman - Arena PVP 2018 Version: 5.2.3 Need Root: Yes Filesize: 13,5 KB *What the Savedata have* 1. Billions Gold 2. Billions Gem / Diamond 3. Orange Equipment x5000 (Include Arena Equipment) 4. All Heroes Lv. 110 5. All Heroes 6 star...
  5. anilac18

    Open Request Mayhem - PvP Multiplayer Arena Shooter (Unreleased)

    Game Name: Mayhem - PvP Multiplayer Arena Shooter (Unreleased) Game Version: 1.23.0 Google Play Store Link: Mayhem - PvP Multiplayer Arena Shooter – Android-Apps auf Google Play APK Link: Mayhem for Android - APK Download Cheat Requested: If it is possible i want gold/gems hack Have you...
  6. P

    Outdated [Cheat Menu] Dead Warfare: Zombie

    Playstore Link: Dead Warfare: Zombie – Android-Apps on Google Play Dead Warfare: Zombie Version: (20/12/2017) Need OBB: YES Need Root: NO *About the Mod* After loading the game, a "CHEAT" button will appear at the top of the screen. Using that button will open a menu that allows to...
  7. P

    Outdated [Mega Mod] Massive Warfare Rush 1.177.48

    Playstore Link: Massive Warfare – Android-Apps on Google Play Massive Warfare (unreleased) Version: 1.177.48 (12/10/2017) Need OBB: NO Need Root: NO Online *About the MOD* Extra rewards: 50000 cash and 25 gold for each match; Unlimited energy: get 3 fuel back each match ended; Automatically...
  8. P

    Outdated [Mega Mod] Monster! aka Monster Age 1.2.01

    Playstore Link: Monster Age – Android-Apps on Google Play Monster Age Version: 1.2.01 (30/03/2017) Need OBB: YES Need Root: YES Online *What's in the MOD* Bonus to all Stats: PvE 200%, PvP 125%; Bonus Skill Charging: PvE instant, PvP 200% from orbs; Bonus Healing: 200% from orbs; All ADS are...
  9. P

    Outdated [Mega Mod] Tank Raid Online 2.05

    Playstore Link: Tank Raid Online – Android-Apps on Google Play Tank Raid Online Version: 2.05 (13/09/2017) Need OBB: NO Need Root: NO Online *MOD Content* Reload Speed x2 Movement Speed x1.25 Bonus Level up every 30s Players on invisibility zones can be seen Removed anticheat, hack detection...
  10. P

    Outdated [Mega Mod] Beast Brawlers PvP Arena 0.1.16

    Playstore Link: Beast Brawlers PvP Arena – Android-Apps on Google Play Beast Brawlers PvP Arena (unreleased) Version: 0.8.7 (18/07/2017) Need OBB: NO Need Root: NO Online *About the MOD* You can switch between the versions by installing any over your current one. Even if 125% and 150% seem to...

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