1. Tutorial How to Decompile, Compile, and Sign APKs without APK Easy Tool

    Requirements: - ZipSigner: ZipSigner Direct Download -WinRar: WinRar 64bit WinRar 32bit -APK of desired game: Search and Download your APK from here Decompile: - Open APK with WinRar - Copy libil2cpp.so &...
  2. Tutorial Find Unity version of a game for dumping

    Hi! I have a made bash script for Mac/iOS/Linux/Android devices that reads the unity version off of games Unity Versions are best found in Data/unity builtin resources or Data/Resources/unity_builtin_extra You can either input a custom file or a .apk or .ipa file. Info, How to Use and Download...
  3. Tutorial MOD Menu for il2cpp and native Android Games

    Hello. I created a mod menu for il2cpp and decided to share it with everyone. I apologize for bad English Well, let's begin. Inexhaustible Instruments - pc - NDK - Android Studio 3.x - Apktool - Brains and knowledge of C ++, Java, Smali 1. Start Clone Floating ModMenu repository by link. Launch...

    List of all Platinmods Modding Tutorials Before you start reading, you should be aware that tutorials contain only a tiny amount of the work behind modding games, and they usually showcase specific cases that are not 100% replicable on the situations you may find yourself in. Said in other...
  5. Tutorial IIl2CppDumper now have ability to convert Cpp back to IL

    My dream has finally come true. The developer of Il2CppDumper added a new feature called DummyDll which convert Cpp back to IL using Mono.Cecil.dll. DummyDLL is only useful for analyzing After you dump Il2Cpp, you will get DummyDll folder contaning DLL files, you know. And viewing it in...
  6. Tool Il2CppDumper GUI Tool (Windows)

    Requirements: - Net Framework 4.7.2 - Windows 7 and above GUI Features: Set output directory Set registration offsets Drag and drop support Save settings Log output in realtime Support APK and IPA dump automation Download: https://sbupload.com/folder/188/Il2CppDumper...

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