1. moonbunny


    List of all Platinmods Modding Tutorials Featured Tutorial - BASICS ABOUT ANDROID APK MODDING IN GENERAL | LEARN MODDING TODAY FOR FREE! Recommended Tools : Compile / Decompile APK : Modding Tools - APK Easy Tool v1.50 Windows (GUI apktool) Unity Game Modding : Releases · 0xd4d/dnSpy ·...
  2. AndnixSH

    Tutorial IIl2CppDumper now have ability to convert Cpp back to IL

    My dream has finally come true. The developer of Il2CppDumper added a new feature called DummyDll which convert Cpp back to IL using Mono.Cecil.dll. DummyDLL is only useful for analyzing After you dump Il2Cpp, you will get DummyDll folder contaning DLL files, you know. And viewing it in...
  3. AndnixSH

    Modding Tools Il2CppDumper GUI Tool

    Requirements: - Net Framework 4 - Windows 7 and above Features: Supports il2cpp binaries in ELF(arm, x86) and Mach-O(32bit, 64bit) format Supports global-metadata version 16 and 20-24 Extracts .NET metadata including types, fields, properties, methods and attributes Supports automated IDA...