READ! 1 Million Members Celebration! 100 FREE VIP & 300 Euro (~340 USD) Cash Giveaway!

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Mar 22, 2017
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The winners has been chosen (on 18th July 2020), CONGRATZ!!!

Here the video how we have chosen the winners fairly:

The top 3 winners are:

Place 1: @Shubi
Place 2: @jacobrocks11
Place 3: @Di3go1

The 100 winners of the free VIP, CONGRATZ!
You will be upgraded or extended by 1 month VIP in the next view hours after this message.

You will be able to see your VIP expire time here:

@abdillah ismail
@Paulinho Jahja
@Gaming Beast
@Rakesh sethi
@Robinho de angelis
@Nikunj Mevada




Guys, we don't know how we can tell you how much this means to us. It was 2017 we started this project, just for fun. 3 years later we stay here, with 1 million registered members! We need to celebrate that in a huge way! Time for a huge ass giveaway! For such a great achievement we need something nice. We will give out 100 FREE VIP Memberships for 1 month, yes 100 FREE VIP worth 1000 Euro! As well we will give away 300 Euro PayPal Cash sent directly to your PayPal!

Here the possible prices:

1st Place
150 Euro (~165 USD) Cash via PayPal + 1 month FREE VIP

2nd Place
100 Euro (~110 USD) Cash via PayPal + 1 month FREE VIP

3rd Place
50 Euro ( ~55 USD) Cash via PayPal + 1 month FREE VIP

4th - 100th Place
1 month FREE VIP

How To Win That Prices
What you need to do to win that? Tell the world what you think about Platinmods! You can use common review website such as TrustPilot, SiteJabber, ScamAdviser, MyWOT or other known review websites. You can rate as you really feel, we do not force you to rate positive!

After you have done the review please do post a screenshot of your review here in this forum post, once the screenshot is posted you automatically join the giveaway, we wish you best of luck to win! 100 Winners will be chosen within 3 days after the giveaway ends.

The giveaway will end on 15th July 2020 00:00 GMT+1

1. No screenshot, no part of the giveaway.
2. No reviews on shady pages like porn sites, only known and respected pages as we mentioned.
3. Your Platinmods account must exist at least 1 day before this giveaway started and it needs to have at least 1 reply somewhere on forum to be able to post a screenshot, this is needed to avoid people making multiple accounts to play unfair and to avoid spam.
4. If you are the winner of place 1-3 you must agree that we are allowed to show a screenshot of the payment in this post. We want to proof after the giveaway that we do not fake and really send the money. If you do not accept that, you cannot be a winner of the cash, only of the free VIP. If you deny after we contact you about your PayPal we will choose another winner and you get only the free VIP. As well it must be a legit and approved PayPal account, we do not send the money to fake PayPal accounts.

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