Outdated Car Parking Multiplayer ver. Injector MOD | ARMv7 & ARM64 | 20000 coins


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Oct 28, 2020

Playstore Link: Car Parking Multiplayer - Apps on Google Play

Game Name: Car Parking Multiplayer
Game Version:
Needs OBB: No
Injector Type: HEX Patcher
Special Thanks : @DeathLantern
Works for rooted and non-rooted devices, but non-rooted devices require to install Virtual Space or VMOS in order to make this mod work.

*MOD Features*

1. 20000 coins

Important Notes:
if your device is using Android 13 and above where can't find permission in settings, then please use an App called "Storage Isolation" as a third party to Grant Storage Permissions and other permission

* How To Use Injector Type Hex Patcher *
1. Download and Install PM Injector App in your device.
2. Download the apk file of the game that has been provided by the modder and Install it in your device.
3. Grant Root Permission, Storage Permission and Overlay Permission for PM Injector App Settings.
4. Open the game and make sure the game data is fully downloaded or OBB files is placed correctly also please finish some tutorial first in the game if you was using new account in the game.
5. Open the PM Injector App and then search the game.
6. Go to Tab Main Injector and then Attach to PID Process of the game.
7. Start Mod Menu, here we have 2 option to Start Mod Menu
  • Start Mod Menu V1: Requires Attach to PID Process.
  • Start Mod Menu V2: Does Not Require Attach to PID Process, so step 6 can be skipped, but everytime you open the game then the mods will always activated, so you will have to Install the fresh APK files of the game.
8. Go back to the game and then enjoy.

Important Notes:
1. If Game crashes then you have to exit the Mod Menu and then follow the Step 4 to 7.
2. If Mod Menu crashes then close the game and then follow the Step 4 to 7.

Free Download:
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Jun 19, 2023
what does the mod do im on vmos 32 bit rom I tried purchase car using coins currency nothing change just decrease i thought its gonna be increasing coins
car parking multiplayer com.olzhas.carparking.multyplayer