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There are many secrets behind your face, the change of your love, the situation of your health, the development of your wealth and the opportunity of your career. After scanning your face, our APP will make a professional report for you according to your facial features, it tells the secrets those you don't even know of your face. What's more, it can not only see what your face will look like in the future and what your future baby will look like, but also compare who is the most beautiful among you and your friends. In addition, you can learn about which celebrity looks like you and know yourself better with various interesting tests. Not enough if just the facial part? Your palm can tell you much more, try the Palmistry Predictor!
? Daily Face Analysis
? Aging Prediction
? Aging Together
? Baby Prediction
? Palmistry Predictor
? Beauty Competition
? Love Pairing
? Emotion Analysis
? Smile Competition
? Celebrity Match
? Interesting Test
? More interesting functions will be available soon

? Daily Face Analysis
What is your beauty index today? How is your skin condition? After shooting or uploading your photo, we will analyze your facial features with the professional technique and then you will get a comprehensive report. In the report, you can see your beauty index, skin condition and expression score. Meanwhile, there are also love, health, fortune and work index and corresponding suggestions for you.
? Aging Prediction
Have you ever imaged what you will look like when you get old? How will your face change after 20 or 30 years? With the support of our senior portrait technology, you will know the answer.
? Aging Together
You can see what do you looks like when you are getting old with your lover or friend together.
? Baby Prediction
What will your future baby look like? Will your baby be more like you or your lover? You can get the answer conveniently with the support of our advanced technology.
✋ Palmistry Predictor
Curious about your future life? Predict future marriage, career, and financial fortune with Palmistry Predictor. The main function of palmistry is to understand yourself more thoroughly and carefully, and to see the present.
? Beauty Competition
How beautiful you are? Who is the most beautiful one among you and your friends? After uploading your photos, you can not only know how many scores you can get, but also find the scores of different parts of your face.
? Love Pairing
Is he or she offen shows up in your dream? Do you have a chance to fall in love? A professional analysis will give you a prefect answer, and you'll never lose your true love.
? Emotion Analysis
How happy you are today? We can analyze it from your expression, emotion is always connecting with your luck, how happy you are, how lucky you are! This function can remind you to be happy everyday.
? Smile Competition
Do you know that you have a sweet smile? Try this now, upload your photos and show everyone your smile is the best!
? Celebrity Match
Is there any celebrity inspire you a lot? After you take a photo or upload a photo, we will match the celebrity with your facial features to find the celebrity which is similar to you and give you the related celebrity profiles.
?‍ Interesting Tests
Have you tried interesting tests before? Do you really know yourself? There are variety of interesting tests which can analyze your personality in comprehensive way. You can know yourself better with these funny tests.
??? Let's enjoy it and know yourself better!
⚠ If you have any questions or advice, you can contact us with the following email:
[email protected]

What's New
We have made more experience optimizations and fixed some bugs.

*Special Features*
  • Premium Subscription Activated
  • Supported CPUs: Universal

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