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Download Cydia Impactor from here: Cydia Impactor

If you are having problems using Cydia Impactor, check out the FAQ down below and if you find no solution, make a Help & Support topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will I be able to use the sideloaded app?
A: A normal & free Apple Developer account only allows the app to function for 7 days. After 7 days you can sideload it again, just make sure your progress is backed up.

Q: The app on iOS 11 is displaying half screen? Black screen.
A: The popup the modded IPA uses seems to cause issues with iOS 11's Rotation Lock. To fix this, simply disable rotation lock on your device via the Control Center then reopen the app.

Q: How can I save my in-game progress?
A: You need to make sure your game progress is being synced over Game Center, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. If the game saves it's progress locally, you will need to install the modded IPA overwriting the one you already have installed. In order to overwrite, the modified IPA must have the same bundle ID and you must use the same Apple ID when sideloading. See below for more information.

Q: Can I overwrite my current app without removing it?
A: Yes, it is possible. In order to accomplish this, you need to sideload the modded IPA with the same Apple ID that your previously sideloaded app is with. Meaning you must use the same Apple ID you used to sideload the previous app. The bundle ID must be the same otherwise it will install as a duplicate app.

Q: How many apps can I sideload?
A: iOS 7, 8, 9: You can sideload as many apps as you like on your device. However your free developer account has limitations but you can easily bypass those limitations by creating a new Apple ID. On iOS 10, 11 and higher, you can only have 3 sideloaded apps installed on your device at the same time. Apple has limited this and will not allow any more for free Apple Developer accounts.

Q: Cydia Impactor is stuck on "Verifying Application". Why?
A: This has to do with the 3 app sideload limit on iOS 10. You will need to remove a sideloaded app on your device before you can install a new one. If you're not on iOS 10 or higher and you still get this error, make a support topic.

Q: Cydia Impactor is stuck on "GeneratingApplicationMap". Why?
A: This usually happens with some apps but even though Cydia Impactor is stuck there, the application installs fine on your device.

Q: Cydia Impactor does not show my device?
A: If this happens, try rebooting your PC, open up iTunes while your device is connected & make sure you tap on 'Trust' from the popup on your iDevice. Then open Cydia Impactor. If this does not help, try completely uninstalling then reinstalling iTunes.

Q: How to fix the Cydia Impactor Runtime Errors or Disappearing/Closing Window?
A: If you receive these errors, you may need to try a different USB cable & USB port. You can also try making a new user account on your Windows PC and run Cydia Impactor there.

Q: How to fix the Cydia Impactor "http-win.cpp:xxx Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates" error?
A: This is usually not an issue with Cydia Impactor. The error usually means that Apple's signing servers are down. Try again later. If the issue still persists, make a support topic.

Q: How to fix the Cydia Impactor "provision.cpp:81 The 'Network Extensions' feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program." error?
A: Inside Cydia Impactor, click on the 'Xcode' option, then click on 'Revoke Certificates'. If that doesn't help, you may have 2-Step Authentication enabled for your Apple ID which is preventing you from using Cydia Impactor. Disable that or create a new Apple ID.

Q: How to fix the Cydia Impactor "provision.cpp:168 Please sign in with an app specific password." error?
A: If you get this error, please see this topic.

Q: Can I install the modded IPA without overwriting or deleting the App Store IPA?
A: Yes, you can. See this tutorial.

Q: How do I fix "lockdown.cpp:57 LOCKDOWN_E_MUX_ERROR"?
A: This issue is caused when another program on your computer might be interfering with Cydia Impactor. Close programs you are not using or restart your computer and run Cydia Impactor again.

Q: How do I fix "You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request."?
A: Inside Cydia Impactor -> Xcode -> Revoke Certificates. Enter your Apple ID & password then retry.

Q: How do I fix "The maximum number of apps for free development profiles has been reached."?
A: Apple limits how many apps you can sideload within 7 days using the same Apple ID. And once you reach that limit, your option is to wait, or use another Apple ID.

Q: How do I fix "provision.cpp:138 maxQuantity" error?
A: This is an issue that happens if you are using an older version of Cydia Impactor. Updating your Cydia Impactor to the latest version will fix this issue.

Q: How do I fix "application already installed as incompatible team" error?
A: This simply means that you already have the app installed on your iDevice and it cannot overwrite it. In order to fix this, you should either simply remove the existing app on your iDevice first then try sideloading again. Alternatively, you can install the new IPA with a custom Bundle Identifier so it installs as a duplicate app. See this topic.

Q: How can I downgrade my Cydia Impactor? Make 'Revoke Certificates' option work.
A: You no longer need to downgrade Cydia Impactor to make the revoke option work. Simply update to the latest version of Cydia Impactor as it has been fixed!

Q: How to fix the recent http-win.cpp:160 error?
A: Update your Cydia Impactor to the latest version.

Q: I'm unable to drag and drop the IPA into Cydia Impactor?
A: This usually happens when you run Cydia Impactor as an Administrator. Don't, simply double click the Impactor.exe to open normally and then drag and drop.

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