How to download from Upload4earn|Dropapk|Google Drive|Zippyshare|linkat4all|File Upload

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Mar 12, 2018

This tutorial will show you how to download our mods from the most used upload / download pages.

Why I do this tutorial?
I am asked every day how to download from the download page xxx.​

How to unlock the download links

First you have to like the Post of the thread creator
Dropapk Hide Downloadlink.png

Then the Download link will appear
Dropapk Appears Downloadlink.png

Important Note:
If you have more than one download link then these are different versions of the mod.

Unsigned: Only for rooted Devices!
If you do not know if your device is rooted, it will not be rooted 99% of the time.

Signed: For non-rooted Devices

Bypass: Original Game, ( sometimes just the root check or Google Signature Check modded ) for Tutorials at the Beginning from a Game or when you will play as example Arena or PvP without Mods.


Click on "Download Now" Button
Zippyshare Downloadlink.png


Google Drive

Click on "Download" ( here it is "herunterladen" because im German :P )
Google Drive Downloadlink.png



tick "i'm not a robot" and click on "click here to continue"
linkat4all Downloadlink.png

Wait until the time is up
linkat4all Timer  Downloadlink.png

Click on "Get Link"
linkat4all Get Link  Downloadlink.png

File-Upload ( Continuation from linkat4all )

Click on "Free Download"
linkat4all Kostenloser Download Downloadlink.png

tick "I'm not a Robot", wait until the time is up and click on " create Downloadlink"
linkat4all Fileupload  Downloadlink.png

Click on the little green Button
linkat4all Fileupload fertig Downloadlink.png

Video for easier understanding:

Important Note:

All downloads from the Staff and Approved Modders are virus free.
We guarantee this.
We can not assume any liability for shared mods from everywhere
With the exception of Lammoi and Arsenal.
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