Tutorial How to download MOD APK on Platinmods (Mobile)


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Jun 27, 2017
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Some of you have problem finding download links of APK on this site. I will show you excatly how to solve it

We will show you an example how to download HAWK: Airplane games

You can watch the video tutorial here

Or proceed to read text tutorial below:

On the main page, search for the game you like to download


If the quick search doesn't work properly, use the normal search on the top-right corner


Does the page look like this? That's because you are on the last page

Image 1647958901.png

We want to go back to first page. Scroll down until you find the page button.

Click on the left arrow

Image 1647958916.png

Now you are on the first page of the thread. To make sure you are on first page, check the "Original poster" label beside the username

Image 1647959070.png

Scroll down until you find Free download

Image 1647959167.png

Click 'Like' button on the corner or reply to the thread

Image 1647959630.png

You will see unlocked content like below:

Image 1647959105.png

For peoples who don't have common sense and still can't find download link: If you are actually liking this thread, or in request section, then you are doing the wrong way. Please go to the threads of the mod you want to unlock download links
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