Tutorial How to export/rip music and audio files from Unity 3D games


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Jun 27, 2017
Important: This tutorial was made for Android games but it should work on ALL platforms
In this case, I will show you how to extract songs from Santa Rockstar APK

Use this for PERSONAL USE only. As the files are copyrighted, do not distribute files illegally without proper permission from the owner. I'm not responsible for that

Have you been looking a way to export music files from Unity 3D games but you couldn't find out?
Well, you can export them easly using Unity Assets Bundle Extractor for Windows.

You can download Unity Assets Bundle Extractor from:
Unity Assets Bundle Extractor
or here

You need 7-Zip or Winrar to open APK and OBB file:
WinRAR download and support: WinRAR

Download APK+OBB or XAPK from 3rd party app store without a smartphone
Download APK free online downloader | APKPure.com
Online APK Downloader - Download APK from Google Play Store

Let's get started,

You need an APK/OBB of Unity 3D games. You can download it from 3rd party app store I mentioned

For 7-zip, you can simply right click -> 7-Zip -> Open archive

Navigate to \assets\bin\Data\ to see if there lot of assets or if assets size is big or not


Hmm... the assets file size is very small so we know it doesn't contain music/audio files. Close the 7-Zip

Download the OBB file from 3rd party app stores (if you haven't already), open the OBB file and navigate to \assets\bin\Data\.

Woah! there are a lot of assets files.


Extract all files to the disk

Open Unity Assets Bundle Extractor, select File -> Open


Select all assets files and open it. It will take some time to load


The assets are loaded. Click Type twice to sort as type in ascending order and scroll down until to see AudioClips. They are music and audio files. Select them all, click Plugins and click OK.


Select the folder you want to export all the AudioClips

Enjoy listening to the music!


Tested games:
CSR Racing 2
Santa Rockstar
Pokemon Go
Rival Gears


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