How to install OBB files [as detailed as possible]

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Mar 22, 2017
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OBB files installation Guide

1.) Download the OBB file/files
2.) Download the MOD APK
3.) Move the OBB files with the help of a filemanager to Android/obb/<packagecode> on your device
4.) Install the downloaded MOD APK
5.) Enjoy

The OBB files are either provided as ".obb" files or as ".zip" files. ZIP files do require to be extracted first.

The package of the game/app is "com.platinmods.herogame". The name of the obb files are "" and "" (the OBB files can be more then 1).

You gonna have to place the files "" and "" inside the "Android/obb/com.platinmods.herogame" folder.

For the case we do not provide the OBB files in a folder and for the case the folder doesn't exist already you gonna need to create the folder "com.platinmods.herogame" in "Android/obb"

Pro Tip:
By changing the above provided order and installing the MOD APK first and running the game/app, the game/app itself will create the packagecode folder in "Android/obb". You just gonna need to place the OBB files in there after.

For the case you choose that way please be aware that the game/app gonna crash, hang or show error because no OBB files has been found on the first launch.

When the MOD APK requires an update the OBB files do require an update too. Always get sure to use the latest OBB files. When updating the OBB files with new OBB files the old OBB files can be deleted safely.
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