Tutorial How to kill/Bypass Signature in an APK (Android/Windows) {Easy tutorial} {All explained}


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Dec 8, 2020
How to kill/Bypass Signature in an APK (Android/Windows)
Hi guys Many people asked me to upload a thread in platinmods so I did!
These are some methods to do! I recommend watching the video tutorial First

Video Tutorial

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What is a signature? And what it does??
Think like this, everyone knows apk files contain multiple files inside the apk for example "Libs" "Assets" etc... So all these files are packed to a single APK file with a signature! Each time when you recompile an apk the Signature changes!

What is a signature check or verification?
Many popular games do this. They'll check the signature is it the original one or not? when sometimes you encounter signature issues, games might not open or sometimes crashes or some games warn "modified package detected" and tell again to download from google play!

Additional Reference

^Windows Method

^Android Method
  • Since everyone uses np manager to do this so I also recommend using np manager! But the thing is NP Manager has many updates! So u need to update the NP Manager frequently!​
  • You can also use other killers to kill the signature!​

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