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Mar 22, 2017
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Hi there =)

To pay with PayPal follow these steps:

  1. Send me your PayPal E-Mail.
  2. I will send a money request over 15 Euro to your PayPal.
  3. You login to your PayPal and accept the request.
  4. I do check your payment and activate your VIP.

To send me your PayPal E-Mail please *click here*

Clicking that link will open a private message with me, it will looks like this:


Just replace "XXXXXXX" with your PayPal E-Mail and click "Start Conversation".

I am every day online. You do not need to worry if I do not answer for some hours, I will care on this 100%.

Something unclear? Check the FAQ:
1. Why I cannot pay directly?
The reason is that PayPal changed a lot in them API system. It's very easy nowadays to have errors in the payment responds system. We do try to find a good manual approval solution which works good for both sides.

2. If I want to buy VIP again, do I have to wait your answer and cannot play while waiting?
No. You can ask me to send a new request up to 2 days before your VIP expires. Do not worry, you will not loose 2 days of VIP if you pay 2 days earlier, in that case I would upgrade you with 1 month + 2 days.

3. Can I buy more then 1 month of VIP?
No. Please understand that we offer only 1 month subscriptions to protect you from unexpected changes (for example we do loose the mod you like the most).

4. After I made the first payment, I have your PayPal E-Mail. Can I send you the payment directly in future?
No, do not do that. The reason why we do send you a request and do not give you a .me link or our PayPal E-Mail is because we regularly change our PayPal E-Mail to avoid scams by people trying to harm us. If you send it directly it might happen we do not receive your payment.

5. I have paid the request but I am not upgraded yet, is something wrong?
No. I am a human and a human needs sleep. Please do not worry, you will be guaranteed upgraded within 24 hours after your payment. In most cases, I upgrade you within minutes, as I am online every day for many hours. But even if you have to wait a few hours, do not worry and do not get impatient. I promise you, you will be upgraded as fast as possible. To avoid waiting times while you renew your VIP, please read point 2.

6. You have sent a request but I changed my mind, can you cancel it?
If you didn't paid yet you do not need to worry. You can cancel the request or just ignore it. Nothing bad will happen, I will cancel it after 2 days of waiting anyways.
If you paid already I can only cancel it if I didn't upgraded you yet. If you paid + I upgraded you already, you cannot ask for a cancellation anymore.
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