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Indonesian - English translator is an application that help you lookup dictionary and translate words and sentences from Indonesian to English, or translate English to Indonesian too. This translator is free and you are able to translate words or sentences quickly, conveniently and easily.

This translation app has many features:
- Fast translation: just select text and translate anywhere
- Translate English to Indonesian, translate Indonesian to English
- Offline translation
- Detect text from image: you can select an image then the application will help you to detect text and translate them
- Can be used as a dictionary
- Support Indonesian and English voice input
- Voice broadcast of translated Indonesian and English
- Simple and user-friendly interface
- Very useful when traveling
And a lot of other features for you.

Let's try using this fast translation app. It will be a great dictionary and translator for you.

Note: If you use instant translation feature, we will need the permission to display over other apps.

What's New
- Add new feature: instant translation
- Improved offline translation
- Improved image translation
- Support latest Android version

*Special Features*
  • Premium Features Purchased / Subscription
  • Unlocked Instant Translation
  • Ad-Free Experience
  • Main Languages : Indonesian & English
  • Support CPU Architectures : Armeabi-v7a
  • Total APK Size : 9.4 MB

Modded By Arcaxia | @Arcaxia

Free Download:
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