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Jun 18, 2024
return(function(...)local 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function C(C)return p[C-47519]end for C,V in ipairs({{1,51};{1,15};{16;51}})do while V[1]<V[2]do p[V[1]],p[V[2]],V[1],V[2]=p[V[2]],p[V[1]],V[1]+1,V[2]-1 end end do local C=table.concat local V=string.len local q=string.char local r=table.insert local N=type local z=p local Y=string.sub local n={U=17;T=48,x=25;H=28,z=19;W=13,a=33,b=44,m=47;k=58;q=16;p=23,o=9,s=15,M=62;["\047"]=3,E=7;X=54;i=40;I=21,S=38;v=5;A=36,g=52;["\057"]=22;y=34;C=2;["\050"]=55,["\053"]=1;u=59,["\043"]=37,G=60;J=0,d=41;Q=26;B=14;["\051"]=24;w=56;c=27;t=32;n=29;j=20,r=49;K=46,F=18;["\055"]=53;R=57;["\048"]=39;Y=12,h=11,P=4;f=31,O=43,["\054"]=63,D=6;e=45;V=10;["\056"]=35,["\052"]=61;Z=8,L=51;["\049"]=42,N=50;l=30}local b=math.floor for p=1,#z,1 do local a=z[p]if N(a)=="\115\116\114\105\110\103"then local N=V(a)local u={}local P=1 local W=0 local m=0 while P<=N do local p=Y(a,P,P)local C=n[p]if C then W=W+C*64^(3-m)m=m+1 if m==4 then m=0 local p=b(W/65536)local C=b((W%65536)/256)local V=W%256 r(u,q(p,C,V))W=0 end 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dinosaur hypercasual jurassic world™: the game jurassic world™: the game mod jurassic world™: the game platinmods simulation simulations single player stylized stylized realistic
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Arsenal Shared [Tested] World Conqueror 3-WW2 Strategy v1.8.4 MOD APK Tested Shared Android MODs 4
taha43 AOS APP [Tested] World Atlas MxGeo Pro v9.2.4 [Paid] Tested Android Apps 3
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