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Apr 4, 2019

While listening to the conversation of the native speaker try to imitate full sentences with the same intonation pronunciation like the native speaker. By PORO's app you can not only learn the accent pronunciation stress and intonation of native speakers and improve listening skill but also learn groups of vocabularies and useful phrases to communicate in daily talking.

★★★ Main features of PORO's App:

★ Common conversations.
- More than 750 lessons about common Japanese conversation in daily life with audio files of native speakers.
- Various topics from greeting introduction small talk to business conversations…
- Consist of the audio script for learner to follow.

★ Show/ Hide transcript translation.
- Understand and remember the native speaker's reading way by customizing the show/ hide transcript mode.
- Understand the meaning of new vocabulary and the meaning of the full sentence in each situation by customizing the translation mode

★ Sentences are highlighted following the audio.
- The mode that sentences are highlighted following the audio will help you to follow the conversation directly.
- You can click on the sentence to listen/ practice that phrase again

★ Playlist mode.
Enjoy practicing Japanese while driving or traveling… you just need to turn on the app and click on playlist mode.

★ Practice game.
By playing completing sentences game you would know if you have already remembered the full sentence and its structure or not.

★ Learn Japanese through news.
Not only can you improve your listening skill and vocabulary but also can enrich your knowledge and update world news.

★ Learn Japanese through stories.
Learning Japanese becomes more interesting because PORO has added a new function called Learning Japanese through stories. You can enlarge your vocabulary and learn how to express yourself in particular situations!

★★★★ The App Learn Japanese - Listening And Speaking" is suitable for:

★ False-beginners and who want to improve Japanese communication.
★ Those who self-study Japanese at home.
★ Learners who want to practice for JLPT NAT tests.
★ Those who love communicating in Japanese and practicing Japanese by shadowing method.
★ Those who like to challenge your level.

Learn Japanese - Listening And Speaking App is still in the developing process so we hope to receive your contributed comment to make it better. We are a team that loves Japan and its culture and always try to share our love with the community so if you like this app then please take a moment to rate 5 stars for it! You can also contact us by commenting or clicking the feedback button on the options screen.

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What's New:
Version 5.0.3

- Fix bugs
- Add more lessons
- Read sentences
- Practice game

Thank Te Wan Kim for spell-checking

Free Download:
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