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Sep 9, 2018
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Hello everyone,

In this tutorial, I'll be covering the basics of how to mod easy cordova.js games (games that may not even have lib folder inside the apk).
These games are very scarce and you may never have encountered one. You will know you have encountered one if inside some asset subdirectory, you encounter the file cordova.js:

Beginner modders may give up with them without even trying because they may automatically avoid any game that is not .dll or .so (the more common types and often covered on tutorials)

Just like my other modding tutorials, basic stuff like decompiling/recompiling the apk has been omitted as that's not the focus of these tutorials.

One consideration is that the game I'll be using as example is a PAID one. I think that matters not since the importance of the tutorial is to provide you with new insights and ideas; just replicating the tutorial without thinking will not teach anything at all.

Without further ado:
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