Not Working MT Manager v2.11.0-beta [Mod]


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Apr 4, 2019

MT Manager is a very powerful file manager and apk editor, you can use it to do a lot of things on your phone, such asmanaging files, modifying software, translating applications, editing text and so on.

- Portrait mode (landscape only in places)
- FTP client
- Viewing the java code of the VIP
- Support for keystore and jks VIP signatures
- Search History
- Search in XML files
- Search by ID in arsc
- Support for several dictionaries in the translator (UTF-8 without BOM) VIP
- Removing and adding localizations
- Fast transfer of unique strings to the desired localization
- Batch operations (delete, copy, move, rename)
- APK Signature (disabled by default)
- Cloning of APKs
- Optimizing APK
- APK Encryption
- Creating a backup (.bak)
- Convenient color change in arsc
- Current Activation List
- Remote access via WiFi
- Decompilation / Compiling XML VIP (for a free 200-line limit)
- Editor ARSC
- DEX Editor
- Fix VIP files DEX
- Text editor with syntax highlighting
- Comparison of text files up to 500 kb
- View fonts (.ttf)
- Executing scripts
- Working with RAR (opening / unpacking)
- Work with ZIP (compression / unpacking)
- Multi-choice
- View / edit / delete / add classes, methods, domains, permanent
- Baidu Translator
- Translator Yandex and Google VIP

❏ Mod Features:
● App size decreased
● Crash Fixed on Some Devices
● Unlocked Offline Vip Features By New_Learner
● Killed By ApkUnpacker

❏ Known issues
Batch deleting is not working

● Architecture : arm64-v8a

What's New:
- The text editor uses a new highlighting engine and supports .mts custom syntax highlighting
- Added "Jump to another bracket" and "Select content between brackets" for text editor shortcuts
- All types of files can be opened by calling MT Manager in external APP
- Significantly improved the speed of copying, moving, deleting files in system directories
- Optimized the display of progress information in the process of moving files - Added Indonesian language
- Over a new AXml/Arsc pseudo-encryption
- When the file list is sorted by name, the core files in the apk will be prioritized at the top
- Fix 7z file can't search the file content
- Fixed the issue that the Android 12 system of vivo models could not display newly created files
- Fixed the problem that the custom resource name may be invalid in the res resource obfuscation function

Free Download:
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