Q&A: Why some mods trigger false positive virus warning?

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Jun 27, 2017
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You getting a virus warning about a mod? In most cases, that's a false positive.

The most reason is some modders protect their mods to prevent someone leeching their code, but protection caused anti-virus to be confused and flagged the mod APK as a virus

There are modding websites that contains extra unwanted ads on the mods which are actually a virus and an adware, that annoys you with ads and collecting your data without your knowledge. On platinmods you can be sure that such shady things never happened and will never happen!

If you feel like you installed a mod from one of that websites you should consider getting rid of that harmful malicious mods filled with extra unwanted ads. However, as long as your device don't acts crazy or the mod you installed don't show more ads then the original game itself it's most likely just a false positive warning. This explanation comes in handy if you visited other websites then platinmods, here you do never need to worry about ads filled mods or correct virus warnings.
If you tired of false positive warnings you should only use build-in anti-virus called Google Play Protect by Google Services.

The developers of GameGuardian also have a word about false positive:

"Antivirus", which you should not trust, as they can mark any application as a trojan for money:

Ad-Aware, AhnLab-V3, Arcabit, Avast-Mobile, BitDefender, BitDefenderFalx, CAT-QuickHeal, Emsisoft, F-Secure, GData, Ikarus, MAX, Sangfor Engine Zero

In general, most antiviruses, for a fee, will mark the application you need as a virus. This is their business.
This is the reason why GameGuardian is detected as a virus.
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