AOS APP [Tested] Repair System for Android (Quick Fix Problems) v102.02203.08 Build 102 [Premium] APK


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Your mobile phone started to work very slowly?
The memory is completely full and the applications don’t want to work properly?
Your device temperature is going up dramatically?
You started to think about whether you may be needed for the new device, but you can't buy a new one?! You can solve these problems easily and absolutely for free.

With the help of a new mobile repair system, You will get Ten
functions in one app:

☑ Use them all to increase the performance of your device and enjoy its perfect work!

★Booster RAM
you can instantly optimize the performance of your phone, and free up RAM to make your phone run faster! With this lite tool, you can speed up your android phone, and boost effectiveness.
★ CPU Cooler
CPU Cooler can cool down your android phone CPU temperature with one tap.
★ Clear Cache and Delete Junk Files
Clean useless cache files, it can free up your phone space and speed up your phone and remove the junk files that take up your memory and storage space. Clean with only 1-tap, free up space and boost phone speed.
★ Battery Saver (Optimize Battery)
battery saving function that helps extend your battery life up to 50% by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device.
It also provides you with detailed battery information, and uses our unique Two Stage Charging System to keep your battery healthy, and never worry about your phone battery again!
★ Remove All Empty Folders And Files
With just one click all the empty folders and sub empty folders will be deleted.
★ Manage Apps (Uninstall App)
uninstall tool for android, remove apps, And Clean up storage and free up more spaces.
★ Repair System
the smart function will help you by checking your entire system and fix any problem, so you can have a stable system and fast.
★ Hardware Testing
Checks every basic hardware of your Android device and lets you know which hardware is working and which is not.
★ Root Checker
Verify proper root (superuser or su) access is configured and working using Root Checker! Free, fast, easy, Root Checker shows the user whether or not root (superuser) access is properly installed and working.
★ All-in-one Options
is a set of basic useful tools which help you to use your phone Android.
All handy tools on one small-size app.

☑ All the available instruments and options of the Repair System For Android are called to make the using of your mobile phone more comfortable: don’t forget to check installed apps for mistakes and delete cache too, and you will not run into the situation, when your device doesn’t work properly and you do not know - why!

What's New
- Fix minor bugs

*Special Features*
  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • Unlocked All Premium Features
  • Real Time Scanner
  • Auto Scan
  • Automatic RAM Cleaning
  • No Ads
  • Supported CPU Architectures : Arm64-v8a, Armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64
  • Modded By Arcaxia | @Arcaxia
  • Total Apk Size : 16.2 MB

Free Download:
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Jul 24, 2022
Repair System for Android (Quick Fix Problems) is a comprehensive application for repairing all kinds of problems in your device, including software errors and system failures. Repair System for Android helps you to repair many errors that occur on your phone or tablet and keep them from happening again. I had discussion with my writers through website and I am thankful to my friends who gave me this links.
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