## For People Wanna Use Emulator On PC ##

Android VIP ## For People Wanna Use Emulator On PC ## Ver. 9


Dear VIPs,

some people like to use them Windows PC to use our MODs and keep asking us which emulator is working best. Our VIP MODs should work good on nearly all emulators but we want to share the emulators we personally tested the mods with.

The answer is LDPlayer9! All VIP MODs which support emulators are tested with it!

(If other emulator is advised for a specific game, we most likely add that in the mod description)

If you would like to use unsigned APKs on your LDPlayer to be able to login with Google Play on MOD APKs you can watch this video to learn how to patch it correctly:

[ Do not forget to enable root and System.vmdk writable in the emulator settings! ]

NOTE: If your LD9 instance doesn't make the patches with the dalvik only check enabled, disable it to make the first 2 patches:


After the patches are done, you can safely delete the LuckyPatcher app. The patches will remain until you update your LDPlayer.
On update you have to repeat the patches.

Important LDPLayer9 settings for optimized performance:

1. Get sure you have set the right amount of CPU cores!

If you are having an 8 cores CPU but having set the CPU setting to 4 cores, then LD9 will only run on 50% performance. Same time it is bad idea to put more cores then your CPU has. Set this one accurate to the number of cores you own. You can see the cores in your Windows Task Manager -> Performance -> Cores. For the case you cannot set more then 1 core in the LD9 settings you gonna have to enable "virtualization" in your PC BIOS settings.

2. Use as much ram as you can!
Don't be cheap with the ram. If you have enough free ram set this up to the max of 8GB ram. 4GB ram is most time enough, but using more if possible will give you a nice boost.

3. Change the Disk Management from "Auto-Expand" to "Manual Disk Size" and put enough space!
Using the auto-expand feature of the disk size is eating a lot of performance and can make game lag after 20minutes play time because your LD9 is busy keeping the disk size expanded according to the space the game eats while running. Instead, set it to manual and put enough space to have always at least 10GB space free. This will boost your performance a lot.


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