## For People Wanna Use Emulator On PC ##

Android VIP ## For People Wanna Use Emulator On PC ## Ver. 4.0.83


Dear VIPs,

some people like to use them Windows PC to use our MODs and keep asking us which emulator is working best. Our VIP MODs should work good on nearly all emulators but we want to share the emulators we personally tested with the mods. We advised to use LDPlayer 3.97 for long time and no doubt, it is still one of the best solutions to choose! However, it is running Android 5.1 which is now being dropped by more and more games. We had to find a similar stable version with Android 7.
And we found it =)

The answer is LDPlayer 4.0.83! All VIP MODs which support emulators are tested with it!

(If other emulator is advised for a specific game, we most likely add that in the mod description)

We uploaded LDPlayer 4.0.83 for you, so you do not need to search for it. As well it avoids that you install newer, untested versions from them homepage. We will keep LDPlayer 3.97 in the download folder as well for those still wanna use it or return to it. LDPlayer 3.97 and 4.0.83 can be installed simultaneous on 1 PC. That means you can have them both installed same time if you want, but please do not forget that each emulator instance consumes 1 slot of your license.



If you would like to use unsigned APKs on your LDPlayer to be able to login with Google Play you can watch this video to learn how to patch it correctly:

[ Do not forget to enable root in the emulator settings! Luckypatcher needs it to apply the patches! ]

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