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  1. Tool Ghidra - NSA Reverse Engineering Tool (Freeware) (IDA Alternative)

    Ghidra, A software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools developed by NSA's Research Directorate in support of the Cybersecurity mission Download: Ghidra How to use ghidra: You need java to be installed on your machine. Download it from Launch ghidraRun.bat Accept User Agreement...

    List of all Platinmods Modding Tutorials Before you start reading, you should be aware that tutorials contain only a tiny amount of the work behind modding games, and they usually showcase specific cases that are not 100% replicable on the situations you may find yourself in. Said in other...
  3. Tutorial [IDA Tutorial]How to deal with/hack vectors

    This is a tutorial that is pretty advanced and because of that, I expect you to have a grip on regular IDA (normal instructions I mean, MOV, SUB, STR, etc). Of course it is not a requirement, you could just be viewing this tutorial out of curiosity. But it would really help to know some basic...
  4. Tutorial IDA Hacking Tutorial #1

    Requirements: - IDA Pro/Demo - Demo just works fine - Hex Editor - Arm Converter (ARM To HEX Converter Online) - The game you are hacking - The cracked binary of that game ( I am using Infection ) Instructions: 1. Open IDA and Copy the binary inside IDA 2. See the settings here: 3. After...
  5. Tutorial How To Hack Using IDA (Mega Tutorial)

    ✻ Requirements IDA (demo works fine) Hex Editor ARM-to-Hex Converter Cracked App Binary ✻ ARM Architecture I assume you already know how to crack an app and get the binary into IDA with the proper settings. The programming language that we'll be working with is called ARM. Each line is...
  6. Tutorial [Outdated] How to load dumped Il2Cpp function names in IDA Pro

    This is old tutorial. Follow new tutorial How to use il2cpp.h, script.json and stringliteral.json (Il2CppDumper) - - Android & iOS MODs, Mobile Games & Apps Did you saw after dumping and you don't know what it is? it's a generated python script to load function names in...

    Here is a good tutorial for anyone who is willing to learn what the arm assembly language is and how do you understand it.This is a very useful tutorial to understand the basic instructions in IDA Steps of doing: 1. Check the Game --> What could be hacked? What names the functions could have...

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