Tutorial IDA Hacking Tutorial #1

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Feb 9, 2018
Behind You.
- IDA Pro/Demo - Demo just works fine

- Hex Editor
- Arm Converter (ARM To HEX Converter Online)
- The game you are hacking
- The cracked binary of that game ( I am using Infection )

1. Open IDA and Copy the binary inside IDA
2. See the settings here:


3. After that the IDA will start loading and wait until it finishes loading fully
4. Now after everything is loaded, you can search for anything you like [Press Alt+T to search]
5. Since the game I am hacking is Infection, the main thing in there is DNA
6. So I will search for DNA
7. Now it's time to find the right function, I have found this function called DNA - SPEND
8. Which means this function represents when you Spend your DNA what happens
9. Now this is the function:


10. As the function says spend it means it subtracts

11. So the only subtraction function is SUBS r0, r2, r0
12. Highlight that function and go to Hex View-A (At the top category)
13. This is how it looks like in Hex View-A:


14. Now go back to IDA View and copy the function (SUBS R0, R2, R0)
15. Open up ARM To Hex and paste the function there
16. Click submit and it show Thumb Output there which is 101A
17. Go to Hex View-A again and check if it's same as the one which showed in armconverter.tk
18. Now it's time to hack the function
19. Open up Hex Editor and copy the binary inside
20. Now it's time to locate the place of the function in Hex Editor
21. You can find the hex location from here:


22. Now go to Hex Editor and go to Search > Go to...


23. Now write the location you have found in IDA:


24. Now it will take you to the right location that you have found in IDA
25. Now it's time to hack that function

There are several ways to hack it

1. SUBS R0, R2, R0 => ADD R0, R2, R0 [In HEX: 1018] (It will give you the money it took instead of substracting)
2. SUBS R0, R2, R0 => MOVS R0, R7 [In Hex: 38 1C] (Will give you millions instead of substracting)
3. SUBS R0, R2, R0 => NOP [In Hex: C0 46] (it will be FREE)
26. Now change the function SUBS to any of them you like!
27. When you have changed it will be red (The place you have changed)
28. Now you can save it and go test your hack
29. Enjoy!


There is another method you can use

STR R0, [1] - Stored 0 in 1
Change it to STR R7, [1] - Stores 668 Millon in 1


Credits:- ZahirSher


May 28, 2018
sorry, i just want to ask some questions.

What is the meaning of "The cracked binary of that game" ? Is it a disassembled apk to other file type or libs file from the apk ?

I know this is a stupid question, but i have just started and want to learn your tutorial.

Thanks in advance.
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