Tutorial How to disable signature verification to install unsigned APK (Xposed/EdXposed method) (Lucky Patcher)


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Jun 27, 2017
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If you have root and Xposed or EdXposed installed, you can use Xposed option to disable signature check

1. Download Lucky Patcher from
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and install it

2. Enable module on Xposed/EdXposed and reboot your device

Image 2020 01 10 21 12 27.png

3. Open Lucky Patcher


4. Click "Toolbox"

Click Xposed Settings. If Xposed Settings does not appear, make sure you have enabled the module in Xposed/EdXposed

Image 2020 01 10 21 12 02.png

6. Check all 3 patches and Apply
- Signature Verification status always true
- Disable .apk Signature Verfication
- Disable signature verification in the package manager

Image 2020 01 10 21 12 06.png

Now you can install the unsigned modded apk

If you can't install unsigned APK, Install signed APK on top of original version without having to uninstall it

Your save data will be intact and Google login will still work until you reboot your device. Some games still logged in as Google even after it doesn't work, but don't log out because you can't login again until you install original APK


Normal root method:

No root methods:
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