Outdated [iOS 14 ✔] GrandChase (Global) Ver. 1.44.7 MOD IPA | Defense x100 |

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Mar 22, 2017
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iTunes Link: ‎GrandChase

Game Name: GrandChase (Global)
Game Version: v1.44.7
Bundle ID: com.kog.grandchaseglobal
Needs Jailbreak: No!
Platform: Apple 64 bit (old devices not working like iPhone 4)
Supported iOS: 14 and less
Separate App-Icon: yes
Special thanks to: @TheArmKing
GrandChase Returns! Immerse Yourself in an EPIC Adventure
For ALL RPG Fans!

■■■■■Continue The CHASE!■■■■■
Join over 2 Million Chasers in the game that is taking over the globe! Find out for yourself why people are joining the Chase in a game the takes you on an adventure that you used to only be able to find on your PC! Build out your perfect Dream Team from over 100 heroes both new and old, and take them through multiple challenges in this Epic Mobile RPG!

A game for the true RPG fan, immerse yourself in the brilliantly written storyline and grow your party members as you battle through the different modes for solo play. You can also join a guild, make friends, fight alongside others in Dual Raids, and even fight against other Chasers in PVP! This is a game that you just can’t put down!

See for yourself why this game is being rated so high by players and has ranked “Top 10 RPG Game” in 25 countries!
Download NOW and begin your adventure TODAY!

▶ Just Tap & Drag! ◀
Command your party with easy to use controls!

▶ Your decision changes the flow of battle ◀
Whether it’s skill timing, order, coordinates, or directions,
it’s YOU that will change the flow of battle!

▶ Gather and Slay! ◀
Experience real action on mobile!
Feel the satisfaction of gathering more than 100 monsters and then slaying them all at once!

▶ Enjoyed by 20 million people, the king of RPG has returned! ◀
The great chase to pursue Kaze’aze across dimensions begins yet again!
This is the official sequel to the free to play online pc game, GrandChase which was enjoyed by 20 million users around the world!

▶ Collect Countless unique Heroes! ◀
All new characters have been added along with the original cast from GrandChase!
With over 100 different heroes plus multiple pets to collect
You can mix and match to assemble your own unique team!

▶ Different Modes! Different Play! ◀
Upgrade, evolve, prestige, and awaken!
Assemble your party of 4 plus pets for different modes and contents!

Supported Devices:
- iPhone 5s or newer
- iPod Touch 6G or newer
- iPad Air/Pro or newer
- iPad mini 2 or newer
- work for non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices.

How to install this IPA MOD (read carefully):
How to install Apple MODs / Cheats for iOS Devices without Jailbreak - EXCLUSIVE iOS MODS BY iPMT [NEW!]

*MOD Feature*
Defense x100
-> Randomly 1-2 people got high def in your team, not all, but the enemies don't have high def.

Free Download:


Please enjoy the MOD and don't forget to visit us regularly for new MODs or updates =)
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May 12, 2019
Hi, so there is a new way to install ipa files, its a app for ios devices

So how it works: its a app that allow you to download ipa files and apps and games
that need payment, it allows you to easily do a jailbreak on your device
Something important to remember the appcake works with certificates that they buy
to release for free for everyone, so what it means? Sometimes the Apple will revoke these certificates, that means that the appcake will not work on your device and the apps that you downloaded or installed using it, will not work, so how they are doing, they buy the certificate and wait till the apple revoke it, when they do that appcake twitter send a message warning about and say when they buy other certificate, normally the certificate woks for 7 days
Is important tho remind that you cannot download/install more than 3 apps using appcake
if you do it, appcake will crash when you try open it
so here it goes

#1 step: download the appcake app on this website: Cracked iOS & Mac App Store Apps Free Download | AppCake
(look for a button on right up screen e click on it, will open another part with AppCake IOS App, click on it to download, look for install appcake button or if you are jailbroken, look for jb button, do this step on SAFARI brownser)
#2 step: after install the AppCake on your device, go to settings on your device, look for the general part, look for device management, and click on the random name that will appears on the enterprise app part, this will allow the appcake install and download the apps, you need to agree to proceed, after this, click on trust blue letters, and click to trust again
#3 step: now you are able to open the AppCake app, but not to install or download, after you open the appcake, you will need to download a profile to work, click on verify, it will send you to a download website that will download the profile, its the AppCake site, download the profile
#4 step: when the profile is downloaded you need to trust it like the appcake, go to settings, general, device management, and go to profile downloaded part, click on it and install and trust,
after this you will be able to install the apps from appcake and every other ipa file that you need, BUT ATTENTION, dont download more than 3 apps from appcake
#5 step: if you need download a ipa file, download the Ipa file on your device using the SAFARI brownser and opens it on files app on your iphone and click and hold to appear the share part, got till the right end to see the more options, click it, and look for appcake, it will open appcake and he will ask you if you want to go to downloads tab, click YES now you will see your app on the screen, click on it and click to install after the installation the app will work fine

Note: its important to remind that these apps will work till the apple revoke the certificates, so is highly recommended to follow the AppCake Twitter( @iphonecake_com ) to see how the certificate is going, they always warns us when the certificate is revoked or not, so remember
REVOKED = dont works
When the appcake is revoked(not working) you will need to erase the app and all apps installed from them, when they buy other certificate, its only necessary to re do these steps
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