Tutorial Snapchat Hack (IOS ONLY) - Upload from Camera Roll, Screenshot no detection etc! No Bans!


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Apr 10, 2019

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To Install:
1.Sign into Snapchat you want to use
2. Press home > Open Apps Manager > Snapchat > Backup > wait for progress bar to disappear
3. Find snapchat and hold down and uninstall
4. Go to Appstore > Snapchat > Hold down on download option and press Downgrade > Find version 10.22.2 or if using Appstore ++ Press downgrade manual advanced > press
done when Mixrank opens and insert number 824446511 and wait for download (choose version 10.18.1 for storys to load, they won't on 10.27.1)
5. Go to Appsmanager > snapchat > restore
6. Go to Filza, Mobile > containers > data > application > snapchat > documents > Find scheduledlenses.plist and top right edit > click circle next to scheduledlenses.plist
and press delete bottom right
7. Press home button once it is deleted, go to cydia and now search for SCOthman for IOS 11, NOT ios10-11, then click and then top right modify > install and restart springboard.
8. Go back to the app store, search for Snapchat, press on the logo and then hold down on the " update " button and press " Block All Updates "
9. Open Snapchat in aeroplane mode, agree to all his stuff and then enable wifi, press snapchat settings then SCOthman settings and enable what you want *Try not to enable fake location* (could result in a ban)
10. Enjoy.

Unc0ver Jailbreak Users:

You will have to copy this method to downgrade with Snapchat:

1. Login to normal updated Snapchat

2. Go to Filza Var > mobile > containers > data > application > Snapchat > Documents > copy user.plist, navigate back out of the Snapchat folder and paste that user.plist somewhere safe you'll remember

3. Downgrade Snapchat as in the tutorial above (Follow step 4 ONLY) once it's downloaded, copy user.plist back to the Snapchat document's folder

4. Open Snapchat, and wait for it to load, then go back into Filza and refresh the Snapchat Documents folder and now find Scheduledlenses.plist and delete it

5. Follow method from step 7 onward now.
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