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May 19, 2018
If you want donate there Is a PayPal link in all of my threads
I always take a look to all suggestions and I always try to add all features of requests if I can
I have tried to add item Active away on but I haven't round a way to add It (This don't mean that Is impossible but that I don't know How)
I'll try to add 1 Monster per stage in new mod update but I can't confirm nothing because I haven't tried

Ahh.... Thank you man your welcome

Once i be used make 1 moster per stage get reference by this videos >> youtube videos <<

sorry for my bad english :face16:

The sets buff is super cool if it can be modded to be active without having the set .it is 90% possible i think .and the weapon upgrades and scrolls also .but i dont think if nik can do that it take time for him

yeah set buff this super cool you can go see this >>> youtube videos <<< this old version and paid mod
buff item active and weapon hero ful i love this fuction


I used to think HS build OP in mod
Until I meet this mod in forum CS build The ship fired at a high speed if you have skill ship stun time
When your ship hit the boss time will stop walking ZA WARUDO !!!!
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May 19, 2018
Tactic number two:

I would recommend to get yourself a Book of Shadows artifact. And start farming relics by the means of using coin hack to get to your max stage and then prestige without going any further. When you got enough power to push higher avoid using coin hacks and rely on your artifacts instead.

The chances of getting banned are really low. About 5 to 10%

Bottom line. They use a very tricky anticheat mechanism. My thoughts are they gather the data from all players and then compare it. If someone's data looks odd they ban them. You can't beat this game using hacks in a matter of days. But you can use them to aid you if you get stuck.

you mean a sample
-my max stage "10k"
-my money "1xxaa"

i prestige at lv1 i can use coin hack to "1xxaa" for push to "10k" stage again right ?


There are some tricks that I use in tournaments

When the tour is almost over If you and your opponent The ability to push is quite close
You can use coin hack to upgrade hero Don't use it too much
And when the tour ends you to clear the data or Switch I switched from telephone to computer
#Make sure that the tour has ended. And whether or not you win

I've been stuck in Tournament 10-12k and win stack 3 time One time of this i push to 13.5 or 14 k
The push at that time I think server that was not recorded Because i didn't prestige and switch phone
ps .In the meantime, I didn't keep any falling weapons.

warning : Doing this Will cause bug Cannot collect weapons and skill point will bug
You will be able to receive those items When you can get there Usual

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