AFK Three Kingdoms / 삼국지 키우기 : 방치형 육성 RPG MEGA MOD Menu APK | 17 Incredible Features! |

Android VIP AFK Three Kingdoms / 삼국지 키우기 : 방치형 육성 RPG MEGA MOD Menu APK | 17 Incredible Features! | Ver. 1.1.16


Playstore Link: AFK Three Kingdoms : idle RPG - Apps on Google Play

Game Name: AFK Three Kingdoms : idle RPG / (삼국지 키우기 : 방치형 육성 RPG)
Needs OBB: No
Needs Root: No (but only unsigned APK can be used - see description)
Supported Android Versions: Android 7-14 (only if rooted or virtual machine works on your A14)
64-Bit-Only Devices Supported: Yes!
Regular Devices Supported: Yes!
Emulators Supported: Yes!
Needs License: Yes! Get your license here
Modded by: @Yaskashije
Fight the Battle of Changban!
Defeat the Cao Cao warlords, who swiftly gave chase to Zhang-Fei Ikdeok with a strong elite cavalry force.
Start with the simplest equipment that was used on the streets of Tak-gun and raise your heroes so they can become Military Generals of the Three Kingdoms!

■ Start from the Shu military!

Subdue the peasants of the Yellow Turban rebellion and achieve the title of the General!

■ 3D Idle Action RPG
Easily grow your generals with the Auto hunt feature and collect items. Get the satisfaction out of growing without having to do anything.

■ Start by creating your own equipment and get to raising your Army General!
Take the role of any of the legendary heroes of the Three Kingdoms, such as Liu-Bei, Guan-Yu, Zhao-Yun, Ma-cho, and Yeo-Po.
Lead your kingdom to glory as war generals!

■ Fight in Battle from Dong Zhuo to Battle of Guan-Du!
Watch as your Heroes unleash their skills and harness their mystical power against the Yellow Turban enemy.
Experience the thrill of war as your armies clash and get rewards by winning the legendary battles from Dong Zhuo to Battle of Guan-Du!

*MOD Preview*

*MOD Features*
1. MOD Menu
2. Guest Login Allowed (while disabled on original game) *patched*
3. Damage Multiplier x1 - x20
4. Attack Speed Multiplier x1 - x20
5. Movespeed Multiplier x1 - x10
6. Crit Chance Multiplier x1 - x1000
7. Crit Damage Multiplier x1 - x20
8. Gold Dropped Multiplier x1 - x500
9. Pearl Dropped Multiplier x1 - x500
10. Experience Dropped Multiplier x1 - x500
11. Don't Consume Friendship Points
12. Don't Consume Normal Scrolls
13. Don't Consume Red Scrolls
14. Don't Consume Tower Sweep Tickets
15. Don't Consume Ads Skip Tickets
16. Don't Consume Jewels *patched*
17. Don't Consume Coins (Gold) *patched*
18. Don't Consume Pearls *patched*
19. Don't Consume Pills *patched*
20. Don't Consume Stars *patched*
21. Don't Consume Picks
22. Don't Consume Energy

About the patched consume features:
They have not been patched in the sense of you cannot mod them anymore, they can still be modded, BUT (a big one), if you use these features your account will be messed up forever. Your storage of these items is gonna bug out and that cannot be fixed, not even on the original game. That's why we removed these features and we will not add them back. That your account is gonna be messed up forever is too heavy of a consequence to ignore.

We kept only features you can use without risk of bugs. We want you to enjoy our mods with the maximum possible safety, even if you have to waive on some features.

- Do not abuse. Devs can ban your account manually by checking for anomalies.
- You can use the don't consume picks feature to win pretty much every currency/item including pills or jewels up to 100k when using on x10 in the Hidden Tomb of Qin Shi Huang. However, don't get greedy and don't abuse. The dev is trying already to patch as much as he can.
- Damage Multiplier needs to be enabled before login to the server in order to work. All other features can be enabled whenever you want.
- This game might have country restriction. If you do not have this game on your Playstore, you might need to use VPN in order to play.
- The "Guest Login" feature has been patched, in fact that means that this game can only be played with unsigned APK from now on. However, this usually needs a rooted device but thanks for so called virtual machines you can play it fine even on non-rooted devices. But it requires a bit of setup from your side. Either you choose the easy way and play via Emulator on your PC (video how to patch it with LuckyPatcher is in the post) or you go the bit harder way and use Virtual Machines like VMOS to use unsigned APK on non rooted devices.

I played before with guest login on a non-rooted device, what gonna happen with my account now?

-> Your account is bound to your device ID. Remove the old mod and install the original game from the Playstore and connect to your Google. It will transfer your account to your Google Login as it will recognize your device. However, get sure there is not another account already connected with that Google login. We are unsure if the existing account will be overwritten or the one bound to your device ID.

*How to install*
1.) Your device must be rooted.
2.) Your device must be patched to ignore app signatures. This can be done with the help of tools such as Luckypatcher or Xposed.

Once you fill that requirements the process is the same as with signed APKs with the difference that you can overwrite the original game/app with the MOD APK without removing it first.

1.) Download the unsigned MOD APK.
2.) Install the unsigned MOD APK.
3.) Enjoy.

For the case the unsigned APK does fail to install: Your device patch is not done correctly!

You are rooted and want to know how to patch your device? Please click here for more information.

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