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Game Name: Demigod Idle: Rise of a Legend
Needs OBB: No
Needs Root: No (but only unsigned APK can be used - see description)
Supported Android Versions: Android 7-14 (only if rooted or virtual machine works on your A14)
Needs License: Yes! Get your license here
Modded by: @Yunana24
Rewards X Action X Strategy = Overwhelming Idle Action RPG!

Play the overwhelming 'Demigod Idle: Rise of a legend' and unleash your divine and dark powers!

"Light or Darkness... What am I exactly?"

You are the mighty Demigod

who possesses both the power of angels and demons.

You, who had all your powers taken away by the Archangel Michael and the Archdemon Lucifer while trying to conquer the heavens...

Now, regain your angelic and demonic powers and embark on your revenge..!

■ From human...To Demigod

Experience rapid growth through idle gameplay with the power of gods! Grow at once with overwhelming rewards!

■ Enjoy overwhelming action in 2.5D graphics!

Experience dazzling and thrilling high-quality action. Feel the effects and impact that evoke the power of gods!

■ Special growth method utilizing the power of light and darkness!

Dominate the battlefield with the divine sword and defeat bosses with the dark sword! Double the overwhelming fun with two battle modes!

■ Awaken and unleash the power of rebirth!

Fill up the battle gauge to transform into a Demigod! Complete the 7-stage awakening to reclaim the power of rebirth!

■ Create your own Demigod with strategic gameplay!

Choose your own skills, costumes, and wings. Become the one and only overwhelming Demigod in the world!

*MOD Preview*

*MOD Features*
1. MOD Menu
2. Damage Multiplier x1 - x100
3. Defense Multiplier x1 - x100
4. Attack Speed Multiplier x1 - x10
5. Move Speed Multiplier x1 - x10
6. Currency Always Increase
7. God Mode
8. Unlimited MP
9. No Skill Cooldown
10. Marksman Mode (Never Miss)
11. Dumb Enemy

This game does not provide "Guest Login" or Facebook login, in fact that means that this game can only be played with unsigned APK as Google login is the only option to play. However, this usually needs a rooted device but thanks for so called virtual machines you can play it fine even on non-rooted devices. But it requires a bit of setup from your side. Either you choose the easy way and play via Emulator on your PC (video how to patch it with LuckyPatcher is in the post) or you go the bit harder way and use Virtual Machines like VMOS or vPhoneGaGa to use unsigned APK on non rooted devices.

*How to install*
Unsigned APKs do only work on rooted and patched devices/environments.

1.) Your device must be rooted.
2.) Your device must be patched to ignore app signatures. This can be done with the help of tools such as Luckypatcher or Xposed.

Once you fill that requirements the process is the same as with signed APKs with the difference that you can overwrite the original game/app with the MOD APK without removing it first.

1.) Download the unsigned MOD APK.
2.) Install the unsigned MOD APK.
3.) Enjoy.

For the case the unsigned APK does fail to install: Your device patch is not done correctly!

You are rooted and want to know how to patch your device? Please click here for more information.

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